Choosing The #1 Best WordPress Host For Optimum Performance

Choosing your WordPress hosting provider is one of the most important decisions when it comes to your website.

It is important to know some key terminology to understand the differences between common hosting options such as dedicated and shared hosting providers.

A dedicated server is just that – a server set up just for your website. This is what you want, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Shared hosting is where multiple sites are placed onto one server. This introduces several issues, including security concerns, the potential for an entire server to be blacklisted from the actions of one site, and the fact that the server’s resources are split between multiple sites – typically causing yours to be slower than it should otherwise be, especially during peak periods.

Now that you know you’re looking for a dedicated server, what are the most important aspects to look for?

  • Location
  • Support
  • Software availability
  • Access

Your server should be located where your clients are. Find a host within your own city, unless you’re planning to set up a CDN and have a mostly static website.

You need to be comfortable with the level of support provided. If you’re a pro that is used to working on servers, then you only need to ensure that the host has a good history of general uptime/availability. However, if you need assistance at all, then it is important to ensure that through some mechanism (livechat, phone, email) the host will be able to support you. It is not uncommon for some hosts to take a ‘hands off’ approach and guarantee the servers themselves are functional – but then leave everything else to the user. If this doesn’t sound like you, then adding ‘managed’ to your hosting search should find providers that offer that tier of support.

Software availability refers to what you can easily set your server up with. Are you able to select an OS and have WordPress installed automatically, making your life much easier? Or will it help let you change your site in the future, for example, if swapping from Cpanel to Ubuntu? Some hosts offer a broad range of options (Digital Ocean for example), where others can be quite limited, but be great at what they do.

Having access to SSH or FTP into your WordPress host is incredibly important to ensure that you don’t get locked in. There are many horror stories where businesses essentially have their website ‘trapped’, having to pay a ludicrous fee to change providers, while also paying a hefty sum for any updates that are required, because they can ‘only be done by the provider’. You should ideally pay for hosting monthly, or yearly if you are comfortable with the host, and not have any lock-in contract in place.

The effect a host can have on website performance

Your host is going to be what most affects your TTFB or Time To First Byte, a common metric for testing performance. In addition, hosts typically offer several features such as caching layers at the server level, and some even come bundled with a CDN. Not related to performance, but it is also important to understand the options around and ability to back up and restore your site.

We now offer WordPress hosting

Aside from optimising sites, we also offer WordPress hosting for them. Our favourite way to optimize sites is by bringing them across to OpenLiteSpeed, off of the typical Apache or Ubuntu. This is a lot easier to do from scratch, hence our recommendation to host with us when performing a site optimization.

  • We host in your location, wherever you are
  • We are a call or email away for support
  • We provision server resources to meet your requirements
  • We have daily backups

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