Choosing The #1 Best WordPress Page Builder

In this article, we go through what the current best WordPress page builder/s are, and what we recommend.

While it’s easy to hate on page builders, the reality for most professionals is that the end-client needs to be able to manage their own website, including editing and adding new content. The only real way to achieve this is through page builders – which have improved a lot more than you may think.

Best WordPress Page Builder for End Clients

Clients need to be able to update their own websites most of the time, or least have the ability to do so. A page builder lets you do this without onerous training due to their simple drag and drop interfaces which are easy to learn, especially if they are only editing content and not creating new elements which may require styling.

Having used a good dozen different popular page builders, we have finally landed on Beaver Builder as the best option that allows an easy way to edit and add content, and a simple way to copy and paste styles from existing elements into new ones – even across pages or different websites!

Best WordPress Page Builder for Marketers

While a page builder can be easy to learn, they can still be hard to master. For a marketer, we expect you to dig deeper than editing text, and this is where Beaver Builder shines. On each element, you have granular control over the style, typography, custom classes and ID’s, spacing, etc.

As an agency or freelancer with multiple sites, the ability to copy and paste styling from one website to another without actually copying across all of the website and crud is incredibly powerful in speeding up your development.

Best WordPress Page Builder for Developers

Developers aren’t big fans of page builders, period. That was a lot easier to justify in the past, but they have truly caught up now.

You will be hard-pressed to beat the number of requests loaded and the small size of the page when comparing custom-built to a modern page builder such as Beaver Builder, Elementor or Oxygen (very developer-focused allowing even more granular control than usual).

And all that in a fraction of the time, without a line of code. This frees you up to implement custom features and aspects of the site, rather than be bogged down in the basics. Not to mention the above point of catering to the end client and their ability to access the site to edit.

The Verdict for the Best WordPress Page Builder

We recommend BeaverBuilder as an extremely lightweight, user-friendly and mobile friendly page builder.

Beaver Builder has the follow benefits:

  • Full-width visual editor – it looks EXACTLY like how it will when published.
  • Responsive editing – change view to tablet or mobile views, and styling changes (padding for example) is only made on that view.
  • Free option available
  • 3rd party extensions for additional elements and functionality
  • Templates available to speed up development
  • Ability to copy and paste settings and stylings from one element to another of the same element.
  • WooCommerce support

Other solid choices include Oxygen and Elementor.

Be sure to check out our WordPress Themes guide to choose the right theme to go with your page builder.