What is the best webserver for WordPress to use?

What is a Web Server?

A Web Server is a software installed on your server which is responsible for receiving HTTP requests, processing it, and sending back the response. A webserver for WordPress requires additional programs such as PHP to process these responses to get the desired output. There are lots of web servers out there, but the most popular for hosting WordPress are Apache and Nginx. Today we will also be talking about OpenLiteSpeed.

How are they different?

OpenLiteSpeed and Nginx use an event-driven architecture. Both are really good at serving static files, use dramatically less memory and can handle more than four times more requests per second when compared to Apache. This makes them a better choice than Apache for static content websites.

What is the best webserver for WordPress?

OpenLiteSpeed has a better TTFB and can handle very high concurrent users when compared to Nginx (and Apache). OpenLiteSpeed also uses fewer server resources when compared to Nginx stack, which results in reduced server costs.

Where can I host with OpenLiteSpeed?

Not all hosts support OpenLiteSpeed, as they committed to one (usually Nginx) and have spent years working on a single webserver and optimising it for their platform. So you may need to look at moving to another hosting provider. We can help you transition to a new hosting provider, or be your hosting provider – just contact us here.